Grab your leotards and sweatbands - It's time to party ‘80s style! DJ Mikey Snooze, Betty Haynes and their team throw the wildest ‘80s shows in festivals and clubs across planet Earth!

They’ve performed at all the major UK festivals including Glastonbury, Wilderness, Shambala, Elrow, Latitude, BoardMasters and Boomtown, warmed up for Sara Cox’s ’80’s tour and made crowds sweat from Antwerp to Barcelona and from the snow topped Alps to the tropical Seychelles!

Their aerobics instructors, DJs, dancers and circus artists have performed to crowds of thousands getting them all spinning, shaking and thrusting to the best era of music EVER!

Come and join them (and don’t forget to get dressed up) for our Saturday night party in summer 2022, when they’ll be headlining our HowTheLightGetsIn Saturday night party alongside our resident DJ Max Galactic!

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Lycra 80s Party Promo Video from Lycra 80s Party LTD. on Vimeo.