South London singer-songwriter Sophie Nicole Ellison is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer. She’s entirely self-sufficient in her work as Hussy, sculpting vast sonic vistas that feel unfathomable and eerily intimate all at once. It’s this dichotomy that lies at the heart of her startling, self-titled EP, capturing the sound of a resolutely independent artist on a quest for human connection.

On her debut EP, she’s stepped up another gear again, creating songs that are as intimate as they are direct. From the quiet majesty of ‘Infinite’ - with its cascading guitar and wonderfully lo-fi violin - to the sun-warped wooziness of ‘Moths’ and anthemic alt-rock of ‘I Tried’, this is a set that showcases the scope of Ellison’s vision, taking inspiration from artists as diverse as Smog an Bill Callahan, Liz Phair, Free Kitten, Sheryl Crow and ‘Music’-era Madonna.

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