Natalie Findlay, professionally known as Findlay, is a singer, songwriter and musician. Originally from Manchester, she moved to London at 20 to pursue a career in music. Her highly anticipated second album ‘“The Last of the 20th Century Girls’” is self-described as a “late coming of age story” drenched in nostalgia and melancholy. The record effortlessly melds breezy alt-indie, psychedelic pop, dreamy lo-fi chill, indie-rock and expansive cinematic sounds.

Since her 2017 debut “Forgotten Pleasures” she embarked on a collaborative project with long-time writing partner and producer Jules Apollinaire. In 2019 TTRRUUCES was born – a psychedelic rock opera following the story of two characters on the search for a mythical drug named after the band. Having released their eponymous debut “TTRRUUCES” in 2020 to critical acclaim, the pandemic skewered any touring plans for the band and so came the perfect moment for Natalie to hunker down and truly develop her second solo record ‘“The Last of the 20th Century Girls.’”

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