"It is when we insist most firmly on everyone else being "reasonable" that we become ourselves, unreasonable."

Steven Bonnell, also known by his online name as 'Destiny', is one of the most prolific twitch streamers and internet personalities on the planet. Being one of the first people to stream video games online, full-time, he is now considered a pioneer of the industry. Originally known for his abrasive, confirntationand and 'acerbic style',

Since 2016, Bonnell has made the transition to political commentary, live-streaming political debates and with other internet personalities. He is widely known for his combative, provocative and laceratingly sharp debating style striking fear into the hearts of those who debate him. Recently, he has debated with figures such as Richard Wolff, Michael Tracey and Sam Seder.

"When Bonnell is at his best, he is able to make a superior version of his opponent’s case; this is both his most impressive and, for his adversaries, his most humiliating ability." - WIRED

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