"Today it is becoming increasingly clear that there are problems that physics – at least as we currently know it – isn’t able to solve."

Miriam Frankel is a highly skilled science journalist with an impressive background in science writing. With a wealth of experience contributing to a range of respected publications, including New Scientist, Nature, FQXi, Physics World, and various Nordic newspapers and magazines, she has established herself as a leading voice in the field.

Currently serving as the Science Editor of The Conversation, Miriam's talents and expertise are being utilized to deliver cutting-edge research-based news and analysis articles to a vast global audience of tens of millions. Frankel's ability to produce informative and engaging content has contributed significantly to the website's success, and her work has been widely recognized for its quality and impact.

"An endlessly fascinating tour of the many different factors influencing our decision-making and reasoning" David Robson author of The Intelligence Trap on Are You Thinking Clearly

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