“A physical system cannot be conscious. Only a simulation can be conscious. Consciousness is a simulated property of the simulated self.”

Dr. Joscha Bach is an exceptional cognitive scientist who is pushing the limits of what we can achieve with Artificial Intelligence (AI). As an AI researcher for MIT Media Lab and the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, he is constantly exploring new frontiers in cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modelling, and multi-agent systems. Bach's groundbreaking MicroPsi project is creating virtual agents that are revolutionizing our understanding of how emotion, motivation, and cognition interact in situated agents.

With a passionate mission to build a model of the mind that rivals the complexity and capability of the human brain, Bach is at the forefront of the creation of Strong AI. As an avid philosopher of AI, Bach is constantly exploring the potential of AI to unlock new heights of human intelligence and creativity. Bach is an exceptional mind who is changing the world of AI and helping us understand what it truly means to be human.

'Joscha is one of the most fascinating minds in the world.'  Lex Fridman

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