"Constitutional issues place peculiar demands on politicians: for a good measure of legal, historical and philosophical understanding. These qualities are lacking far too often in politics today"

Jesse Norman is a leading British Conservative Party politician currently serving as the Financial Secretary to the Treasury. He has been an MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire since 2010. Before becoming an MP he headed an educational charity in Eastern Europe following the Communist era. He was a director at Barclays before leaving to research and teach at University College London. Norman has been recognised by the political editor of the Spectator as a potential future Leader of the Conservative Party.

Jesse Norman has written extremely well-received biographies of two of his political and economic heroes, Edmund Burke and Adam Smith. He has written other celebrated books on the Big Society and compassionate conservatism.

“Amid the superficiality and hysterics of modern British politics, an admirably thoughtful brain is lurking" (The Times)

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