Appearing in: Capitalism and the Climate

"Even the most familiar daily objects can open the door to the way the universe ticks"
A pioneer in the physics of the everyday, Helen Czerski is a British physicist, oceanographer, broadcaster and self-proclaimed bubble enthusiast. She is a Research Fellow in the department of mechanical engineering at University College London.  Said to have"the coolest job in science" (The Guardian), and is a brilliant science communicator, turning the physics of the everyday into illuminating insights.

 In 2018, she won the William Thomson, Lord Kelvin Medal and Prize for her contributions to championing the physics of everyday life to millions through TV programmes, a popular science book, newspaper columns, and public talks. Czerski is a regular contributor to BBC Focus in the column "Everyday Science" and the Wall Street Journal in the column "Everyday Physics".

"Determinedly unpretentious" - The Guardian

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