'If you image the brains of the couples who have been together for a long time... You can almost say this couple are addicted to each other'  

Bestselling author, broadcaster and neuroscience presenter, Hannah Critchlow was named by the Science Council as one of the ten leading 'communicator scientists' in the UK. She has spent the last decade or so, as she describes, 'demystifying the human brain on Radio, TV and at Festivals'. Her book 'Consciousness: A Ladybird Expert Book', which was Sunday Times Bestseller and was translated into 8 different languages, certainly does this description justice.

Recently, as well as presenting BBC 2's Family Brain Games with Dara O'Brian, Critchlow has been making waves with her new book 'Joined Up Thinking'  which explores everything from the power of collective intelligence, to the neuroscience of love and the possibility of inserting nanorobots (neural dust), into our brains '

'Sometimes people just blow your mind with insights that you never ever imagined' - Tatjana Marinko

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