'"The self is who we truly are, but the persona or mask is the face we turn to the world in order to deal with it."

Famously known as Blondie's bassist, Gary Lachman, also known by Gary Valentine, is an American writer, musician and philosopher. He is one of the most respected writers on esoteric and occult themes to this day. He frequently argues that the scientific worldview of consciousness is both misguided and unfounded. Accordingly, consciousness is not a result of neurons and molecules, but is something more fundamental.

Lachman has philosophised extensively on such issues in his most recent books, Dark Star Rising, Lost Knowledge of the Imagination and A Secret History of Consciousness. Lachman has been praised by publications as far and wide as the Washington Post for his 'grace, forcefulness and clarity'.

“Gary Lachman is a writer with an elegantly readable style, a passionate interest in aspects of the world that history normally neglects, and a profound understanding of psychology." - Philip Pullman

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