Appearing in: New Powers and Fading Forces

“Russia is America’s Ghost of Christmas Future'

Fiona Hill is one of the most highly distinguished foreign affairs specialists and authors in the world today. Senior advisor to Presidents George W Bush, Barack Obama and briefly Donald Trump, she is a former official at the U.S. National Security Council specializing in Russian and European affairs. She was famously a witness in the November 2019 House hearings regarding the impeachment inquiry during the first impeachment of Donald Trump.

As well as a distinguished statesman, Hill is a best-selling author of numerous books including There is Nothing For You Here, and Mr Putin: Operative in the Kremlin, which argues that Vladimir Putin is in fact a man of numerous and complex identities.

"No one in the West understands Russia's strategic thinking, Vladimir Putin's strategic ambitions, as well as Fiona Hill" - Ezra Klein

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