Inner Circle

As the greatest minds of our time gather for a drink and a meal, take your seat alongside them for a truly unique experience.

Converse with acclaimed novelists, explore big ideas with radical philosophers, and unpack the mysteries of the universe with world-leading cosmologists in open-ended encounters totally removed from the ivory tower.

Kick start your day with a Philosophy Breakfast, take a midday break with a HowTheLightGetsIn Lunch, or rejuvenate your afternoon with a Prosecco, Cakes and Philosophy session.

Be part of the company, not merely an observer. You might not get the chance anywhere else!

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Long Table Banquet Hay 23

Long Table Banquets

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Philosophy Salon

22 04 25 Champagne Cake Philosophy.and

Prosecco, Cake and Philosophy

22 04 05 Philosophy Breakfast final.mch

Philosophy Breakfast

22 04 25 HTLGI Lunch resize.mch

HowTheLightGetsIn Lunch

22 04 05 Wine Tasting + Philosophy final.mch

Wine Tasting and Philosophy