At the highest speeds of current rockets, it would take more than 100,000 years to reach the nearest star.  For Hollywood and the many who want to believe in the possibility of space travel across the galaxy, the solution is wormholes, swirly tubes that allow us to cross vast tracts of the universe and even time in a magical jump.  Compatible with Einstein's theories, scientists have been reported to have even created them.   But critics claim this is fantasy, arguing that we have no evidence for such a thing.  The experiment was a simulation of a wormhole and was not real.  And even if holes in space time existed travel along them would be impossible. 

Should we accept that wormholes are an invention we want to believe but for which there is no evidence?  Should we reluctantly conclude that space travel to habitable planets is never going to take place and we will always be alone in the universe? Or is it just possible that our sci-fi imaginings will successfully drive invention?

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