We see the remarkable evolution of the human brain as one of the driving factors behind our success as a species.  Our neurobiology evolved though to solve challenges in a drastically different world than we find ourselves in today.   Might our evolved traits, once advantageous, now be our Achilles heel?  For human aggression, inventiveness and a determination to overcome enemies, once evolutionarily effective now risk resource, technology, and nuclear crises each with the potential to bring our species to an end.

Is our Palaeolithic hardware no longer equipped for the contemporary world we have helped to create?  Can we find ways to change our behaviour before it is too late?   Alternatively, should we see it as inevitable that all species become extinct, and our turn may be closer than we imagine?  Or is this all misguided and evolution has dealt us a brilliant hand to cope with the challenges of 21st century life? 

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