The Abi Collins Weekender – Sex versus Love

Part One – Dante's Disco Inferno (Friday)

Abigail Collins returns to Hay for another double bill, beginning on Friday night with Dante's Disco Inferno. In the alter ego of Dr Anna Lidl-Lubeandwereoff, psychic sex therapist to the Hollywood undead, Abigail will find out exactly what makes you tick. Darkest desires will be unleashed, all with Abi's trademark slapstick comedy and circus skills.

Part Deux – The Chapel Of Love (Saturday)

Abigail Collins invites you to get thoroughly flocked up and join her Saturday Night Congregation. Part cabaret, part dating agency, part gameshow and singalong, above all this is wholly entertaining, feel-good fun for everyone. After several feats of dexterity and devotion all in the name of love, Abigail will put the concept to a vote - is love really all you need?