With world-famous philosophers, Nobel Prize-winning economists, leading politicians and radical scientists, the Debates and Talks programme for HowTheLightGetsIn May 2021 is here!

Join a full day of free-thinking debates, award-winning musicians, unexpected comedy and groundbreaking documentaries from Dokbox. Stay tuned for the music and comedy programme to come.

Events begin at 09.00am GMT and run live throughout the day until 11.30pm. Scroll the schedule or search below to explore the events. Discover challenging speakers, inspiring artists and new ideas.

Children's Programme

Our Children and Young Adult's Programme includes talks, interactive sessions and learning experiences to pique the curiosity of younger minds - from under 12s all the way up to young adults.
Explore all these options in more detail below...


Don't miss out on our Philosophy Salon events for the chance to discuss today's most prevalent issues with some of the world's leading thinkers. It's not everyday you get to think big, ask your questions, and explore a world of ideas with legendary scientists, philosophers and artists, all from your living room couch.

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