“While the idea of equal time for opposing opinions makes sense in a two-party political system, it does not work for science, because science is not about opinion. It is about evidence.”

Naomi Oreskes is a world-renowned geologist and historian of science, who is known for proving and popularising the fact that the scientific consensus on climate change is settled. Her best-selling book, Merchants of Doubt was praised – and attacked – around the world for its shocking exposé of the misinformation campaigns run by a scientific elite, on issues from tobacco smoke to global warming. She is a world-leading expert on forms of climate denialism and fiercely defends the importance of science-informed policy. Her 2019 book, Why Trust Science?, responds to a troubling ‘post-truth’ world, arguing that it is the social character of scientific knowledge which makes it trustworthy.

“Anyone concerned about the state of democracy in America should read this book.” – Al Gore, on Merchants of Doubt

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