HowTheLightGetsIn gathers the world's leading thinkers, including Nobel laureates, prize-winning journalists, and radical new philosophers, to explore the frontiers of philosophy, map uncharted territories, and forge new paths ahead in edge-of-your-seat debates.

We've just announced another wave of speakers! Scholar of "surveillance capitalism" Shoshana Zuboff, award-winning journalist, David Aaronovitch, esoteric documentary maker Sophie Fiennes, pioneering chemist and outspoken atheist Peter Atkins, and a host of other world-leading thinkers for a weekend of intellectual fireworks.

We've also announced a trio of new debates on the potential return to a theology of nature, the cycle of satisfaction and desire, and the return to moralism. This September's programme is shaping up to be our most vibrant one yet - and there are plenty more fascinating debates to come...

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