“An enchanting live show full of adventure and song-craft  - music for the soul” ~ Imagine That

"Imagine if Kate Bush and Jeff Buckley were farming Goat and Lamb on a hillside in Peru..." ~ The Nod, Passion Radio Bristol

Emrys The Brave are a fire-breathing folk/rock five piece, who meld the sounds of the Peruvian mountainside with their own roots and sounds from the Welsh hills and valleys. The band was imagined in Cajamarca, whilst lead singer Megs stood with the indigenous folk of Peru against mining companies damaging rivers and ecosystems. The band became a reality when she returned to Wales and Bristol, picking up like-minded musical warriors and a fun-loving west country flavour. Their sound is unique, and whilst you may hear mountainous and epic electric guitar solos, you will also remember those tender moments beneath the stars, before a burst of Latin rhythm reminds you to let loose once more. 

After the successful release of their debut EP Solar Motorbike, the band followed up with captivating performances on the UK festival circuit. Now set to release their new EP Touch of a Human, the band are excited to take to the stage again this summer. Come dance, come dream.

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