In keeping with the festival's Uncharted Territories theme, HowTheLightGetsIn presents an evening with The Great Brain Robbery who will be hosting The Hat stage on Saturday 23rd May, taking us back to a time of pioneers & protagonists, bound on a sonic journey into the Unknown with 'Terra Incognita'.

Headlining the show are the original purveyors of the UK jazz explosion themselves, Melt Yourself Down (11pm): sweaty, fast-paced and pure. This is a band to behold - the live experience is exhilarating and utterly engulfing.

In first support, ever warping reality with their uninhibited psychedelic pop splendour - Stealing Sheep (9.30pm).

Earlier in the evening, a host of outrageously danceable sonic sailors: hard boppin' jump-up rockin' blues dance music from the Black Kat Boppers (8pm) and the Ghanaian wonder that is Wiyaala (6.30pm).

There'll be DJ sets throughout the night from vinyl aficionado Lady Kamikaze while immersive theatre troupe The People Pile host us on our journey to the edge of the known world and beyond.

There are no borders in Terra Incognita.

This is the Great Brain Robbery.

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