HowTheLightGetsIn is so grateful for all the moral and financial support we have received during these uncertain times. We would not have been able to continue as a company without your financial support. We are so grateful to the following individuals who all donated to our crowdfunding campaign. If you are in a position to support us, please visit our Crowdfunder page here. Every donation helps.

Our donors:


Dominic Tighe

Robin Brown


Helena Williams

Martin Broadhurst

Irene Burggraaf

Andrew Scott

Mary Ann Sieghart

Hugo Janssens

Stuart Holland

Ian Rogerson

Karen Whitfield

Katie Jacobs

Phil Walder

Barnaby O'Connor

Chris Burke

Shaun Jackson

Wendy Jenkins

Jonathon Parton

Rob Balfour

Rachel Hannyngton

Jane Robins

Joanna Ronald

Paul Rennie

Neil Freebairn

Andrew Hutt

David Leigh

Adrian Bailey


Bert Moldom

Vivianne Szulist

Elizabeth Reason

Sophie Hoskins

Jerry Davison


Susana Piohtee

Mr D N Potter

Berengere Cortade

Jane Crispin

Keji Adedeji

Harm Jaap Hartmans

Susan Sabey

Nuno Azevedo

Anthony Green

Giovanni Corrado

Andy Smart

Fred Foundation

Sean Cavan

Pene Rowe

Dave Snowden

Marisa Verna

Robin Brown

Johnny Kramer

David John Claude Cuffe

Catherine M Eaton


Joanne Herbert

Angela Wolfe

Timothy Murphy

Rose Jenyon

Nick Foster

Oliver Bettis

Rollo Burgess

Emily Baker



Laura Power

Joseph Malone

Paul Martindale

Susan Parish

Robert Young