“[Silicon Valley] is a dream…But what may be a dream for a select few is steadily becoming a nightmare for everyone else.” – Wendy Liu

Wendy Liu is a software engineer and startup founder who left Silicon Valley to pursue a master's degree in inequality from the London School of Economics. Wendy now dedicates herself to criticizing the growth-at-all-costs ethos of the tech industry, and her first book, Abolish Silicon Valley, proposes a new structure for the tech industry that it founded on long-term gains for society.

She has written about technology and politics for Logic Magazine, Dissent, and Tribune, and has been featured in articles on tech worker organising for The Atlantic and CNBC.

“Lucid, probing and urgent. Wendy Liu manages to be both optimistic about the emancipatory potential of tech and scathing about the industry that has harnessed it for bleak and self-serving ends.” — Naomi Klein

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