“Modern man’s religion is progress: what comes later must be better than what went before.”

Theodore Dalrymple is a cultural critic known for his opposition to liberal and progressive trends within Western society. His writing has appeared in publications from The Spectator and The British Medical Journal to The Times and the City Journal, where he is contributing editor.

Theodore contends that the middle class's abandonment of traditional values has led to the formation of an "underclass" defined by ignorance, violence, and degrading dependency on the state. This view was influenced by Theodore's experiences as a doctor in Sub-Saharan Africa and later in Birmingham prisons, and set out in Life at the Bottom: The Worldview that Makes the Underclass. Theodore comes to the festival off the back of his recent work In Praise of Folly, a study of "the blindspots of genius" - the everyday failings of such cultural icons as Dylan Thomas and Aldous Huxley.

In The Matrix or The Miracle, Theodore will cast doubt on whether traditional family structures can be improved.

"Theodore Dalrymple has become for many of us a shared treasure: the cultured, often mordantly funny social commentator." - New English Review

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