"It is only by accepting we all have prejudices that we can start a conversation." - Kamal Ahmed

Kamal Ahmed's career in journalism began in 1993 working for a regional newspaper in Scotland before graduating to Scotland on Sunday. Since then, Kamal's career ascent has seen him move through various editorial roles at The Guardian, The Observer and The Telegraph. In 2013 Kamal started working for the BBC where he is currently the Editorial Director.

Ahmed was born in England to a white English mother and black Sudanese father in a time where being mixed-race meant facing an onslaught of racism on a daily basis. Kamal has written extensively about his personal experience as a British person of colour in The Life and Times of a Very British Man which was described by the Guardian as "full of charm".

"[Ahmed] writes movingly. With personal anecdotes and political analysis, it's a thoughtfully written and thought-provoking book about race and identity in the Britain he passionately believes in" - Choice Magazine

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