"The most profound implication of evolution is that it should finally make clear to us that we neither have nor need an all-powerful father figure to take on the tasks that seem presently beyond us." ~ John Dupré

John Dupré is a philosopher of science and former president of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science. Before moving to Exeter he held posts at Oxford, Stanford, and Birbeck College, London, and has held visiting professorships at Amsterdam and Cambridge. Dupré is prolific in the field of philosophy of biology, and is particularly concerned with the ideological motivations behind taxonomy. His most recent publication in this vein is Processes of Life: Essays in the Philosophy of Biology; Dupré also co-authored Everything Flows: Towards a Processual Philosophy of Biology, published last year.

Dupré emphasises the importance of understanding life as an essentially dynamic, process-based phenomenon.

"Original, lucid and confident, without being eccentric, polemical or arrogant." ~ John Ziman, Nature

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