"It seems that, in the eyes of student protesters, there is no distinction between words and violence; words are violence." ~ Joanna Williams

Dr Joanna Williams is the author of Women vs Feminism, associate editor of the political magazine Spiked, and the Head of Education and Culture at Policy Exchange.

Williams contributes frequently to national and international debates on education, feminism, and gender politics. She has written several books on gender politics, arguing that the feminism that dominates today instils anxiety in women by telling them they are oppressed victims. Williams thinks the only way to empower women is by freeing them from the victimhood narrative.  

She has been a prominent and, at times, controversial defender of academic freedom. In 2018, she was "no-platformed" from speaking about the topic at a King's College London event.

"She has the courage of her convictions"-- Matthew Reisz, editor at Times Higher Education

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