"The Henry Jackson Society fights for the principles and alliances which keep societies free" ~ Alan Mendoza

Alan Mendoza is a Founder and the Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, the think tank seeking to advance democracy and civil rights and named after the Democratic US Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, known for his simultaneous policies of high military spending against the Soviet Union and generous social welfare programs within the States.

Alan pioneers the research focuses of the Society. He is also a weekly columnist for CityAM, the London-based, business-focused newspaper, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a frequent speaker at high-profile national and international events and conferences.

His interest in politics goes back to the age of 11, when he recalls arguing with his primary school peers about the best candidate for the 1987 general election. The Henry Jackson Society is the fruit of this long-time fascination with the state of the nation and beyond.

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