Get to know our debate programme below.

Inspired by our festival theme, Uncharted Territory, each debate addresses an unmapped topic on the frontiers of thought. From lab-grown babies to the impact of the Internet, the debates will challenge the very coordinates of what you know.

Meet Our Speakers

miracle of the mind new

The Miracle of Mind

words and the world

Words and the World

getting high and being human new

Getting High and Being Human

NEW End of the whitewash

The End of the Whitewash

NEW reality fantasy metaphor

Reality, Fantasy and Metaphor

NEW AI illusion

The AI Illusion

china ally or threat

China: Ally or Threat?

black hole new

The Black Hole Paradox

NEW Extinction and Renewal

Extinction and Renewal

NEW metaphysics morality mayhem

Metaphysics, Morality and Mayhem

artists crusade nw

Artists' Crusade

NEW key to the world

The Key to Progress

NEW the good the best the west

The Good, The Bad, And the West

NEW Age of independence

The Age of Independence

NEW rise and fall of globalisation

The Rise and Fall of Globalisation

20 02 27. The Power of the Present

The Power of the Present

20 02 27. Return of good and evil

The Return of Good and Evil

language animals and us new

Language and Animals and Us

20 02 27. Promiscuity and power

Promiscuity and Power

20 02 27. Values of the west

Values of the West

20 02 27. mystery of reality

The Mystery of Reality

20 02 27. Tolerance and outrage

Tolerance and Outrage

20 02 27. our story of the universe

Our Story of the Universe

20 02 27.matrix or the miracle

The Matrix or the Miracle?

20 02 27. beyond material

Beyond Material

return to the colloseum merged

The Return of the Colosseum

20 01 21.New Faces of Rebellion

New Faces of Rebellion

19 12 17. A matter of facts banner

A Matter of Facts

The Known and Unknown

The Known and the Unknown

20 01 15. updated tomorrows world

Tomorrow's World

Stories to believe in 3

Stories to Believe In

sexuality power and pornography

Sexuality, Power and Pornography

age of anxiety

The Age of Anxiety

profits value and fantasy

Profits, Value and Fantasy

mind over matter new

Mind Over Matter

desire relationships and sex new

Desire, Relationships and Sex

form and ritual new

Form and Ritual, Power and Prejudice