From Henry VIII to Warren Beatty and Fidel Castro, men have often gained status by being seen to have many women. In contrast women have traditionally protected their virginity before marriage and monogamy after. Now a new generation of young women proudly proclaim their sexual appetites and conquests, while promiscuous men are labelled 'players', told to sanitize their locker room talk, and prove their respect for women through monogamy.

Is this the welcome reversal of  millennia of male dominance, empowering women and giving them control over their personal lives? Or is it an illusion to imagine that the majority of women want to be sexually assertive and instead are attracted to men who are?  And what is more likely to make women happy and relationships successful? 

Social scientist and "erotic capital" theorist Catherine Hakim, social commentator and former presenter of an Islamic headware fashion program Yassmin Abdel-Magied, and Orwell Prize-winning journalist Nesrine Malik reckon with the male-female dynamic.

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