Debate is the beating heart of HowTheLightGetsIn. We gather together the leading thinkers in every field to think through the present and find new ways of understanding the world. Over the course of the festival there are more than a hundred debates exploring where we are and where we are heading.

We attract thought leaders from around the world, from Nobel prize-winning physicists and economists like Paul Krugman and Frank Wilczek to cultural mainstays like Martin Amis, AS Byatt, Deborah Levy, Andrew Motion and Noam Chomsky as well as cabinet ministers, party leaders, and the up-and-coming philosopher you hadn't heard of who is set to transform their field. The conversations you'll hear will help shape the intellectual landscape of the country for years to come.

We've just released our first round of debates on the theme of Tribal Truths and New Wisdom - get to know the big ideas here. We've also announced our first speakers, including intellectual heavyweight Terry Eagleton, Hawking collaborator Roger Penrose and Conservative MP Nicky Morgan. Get to know their ideas here

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