As the greatest minds of our time gather for a drink and a meal, take your seat alongside them for a truly unique experience. Converse with Nobel laureates, challenge the shadow cabinet and explore the universe with particle physicists. Be part of the company, not merely an observer.

You might not get another chance. Tickets on sale soon.

Sample Menus

Philosophy Breakfasts

Selection of freshly baked pastries

Tea, coffee, juice, water

Granola, yoghurt, mixed berries


HowTheLightGetsIn Lunches


Bread and olives


Corn fed chicken, red pepper and chorizo salsa

Harissa roasted butternut squash, courgette and leek stew with crispy kale

Celeriac schnitzel, cherry tomato, puy lentil and wild mushroom ragu


Balsamic roasted beetroot, quinoa, radish, kale and toasted pumpkin seeds

Marinated aubergine, spicy tomato sauce, goat's cheese, hazelnuts, parsley

Couscous, sweet potato, apricots, raisins, pecan nuts, coriander

Saffron roasted potatoes, red pepper, caramelised shallots, olives, rocket


Tea, Cake and Philosophy


Teas and coffee


Scones, clotted cream and jams


Muffins and cakes