The Hat Sessions are experiential events where thinking comes to life.

Philosophy becomes something you can live and breathe - not to mention touch and taste - in our Philosophy and the Senses series. In recent times festivalgoers have sampled luxury perfumes, indulged their sweet tooth, and attended wine-tasting workshops with HowTheLightGetsIn favourite Barry C. Smith to explore the mysterious ways in which we experience the world around us.

In our Arc of Life and In Conversation events, the Hat becomes an intimate confessional where the world's leading thinkers recount their life-stories, career paths, and future aspirations. Recently we've heard Rory Stewart's deepest thoughts about the Tory party, Emma Barnett on her journalistic career and the honest truth about periods, and more.

Finally, our leading thinkers have been there, done that, and are here to show you the ropes at our unique How To... workshops, whether you want to know how to talk about sex or land a rover on Mars.