Half the fun of the festival is sharing the experience with others festival goers, enjoying events with your friends or meeting new folk and exploring  ideas in the bar after an event.  And the HowTheLightGetsIn speakers love to get to know our amazing audience and often join in as well.

Some of the tables will be labelled with a topic.  So you have an idea what they might be talking about.  Others are just free wheeling.  

Join without video or sound to see what's going on and then turn them on if you choose to stay.  The first tables are likely to be very busy so if want a quiet chat with just a few others scroll down and there'll be some space - peak times though and it'll probably be crushed everywhere!  Just like the festival in the 'real' world - remember what that was like?!

For a really special experience, get a ticket for an Inner Circle event when our full programme launches and you can be one of a handful of people who join an in depth conversation with one of our key speakers.

During the festival, the icons below will be clickable taking you to video social spaces.

waterfront boxes