After 12 years as the wildly charismatic singer of The Correspondents, Mr Bruce is taking a significant change of direction for his new project. With an expression of his love for UK dance music, Mr Bruce is delivering fresh approaches to Electro House, Garage, Jungle and Dancehall.

Now collaborating with London-based producer Angus Kemp, Mr Bruce is lyrically circumnavigating some very big issues. He explores his relationship to loss and grief with the death of his twin brother at the age of 21, and the more recent abrupt breakdown, and breakup of his marriage. He looks at the cross section between these personal experiences and the unfathomable horrors of climate crisis on the global scale with the impact of the social and political effects that are already tearing through our world at a rapid rate. Mr Bruce has something to say, stand up and act upon, and is able to express these universal fears with a deftness that he has acquired from more than a decade of writing hard hitting pop songs designed for the dance floor.

The brand new stage show featuring new choreography, costumes and props will fuse together his brand new songs with a carefully chosen handful of The Correspondents’ hits to create a new, unique and unparalleled live experience.

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