Flood for the Famine have gained notoriety for their passion and wild fevered energy, setting the stage alight with a new age blues, colliding unruly guitar tones with warped synths and big band jazz on steroids.

This five piece have performed at sellout live shows across London’s nightclubs gaining notoriety for their arresting stage presence and have continued the momentum adapting their live show for churches, rooftops and festivals across the UK. With a string of releases planned for early 2021, Flood for the Famine is set to take the year by storm.

Clearly one of those songwriters with the ability to compel with a deeply atmospheric vein of rock. A rousing success” - Obscure Sound, Mike Mineo

Beautifully ambient, completely able to produce a wall of sound out of nowhere” - BBC Introducing, Andrew Marston

Incredible! So emotive and passionate… he really captivates audiences with his compelling lyrics” - The Huffington Post, Mohadesa Najumi

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