“How can we ask the question ‘how did the universe begin?”, without first having a pool of many possible universes, with many possible initial conditions, to choose from?”

Laura Mersini-Houghton is a world-leading theoretical physicist and Professor at the University of North Carolina, whose work focuses on the birth of our universe. A pioneer of the multiverse theory, her theories have been successfully backed up by empirical, astrophysical data. Two BBC Horizon programmes have been made about Mersini-Houghton’s theory – ‘What Happened Before the Big Bang?’ and ‘Which Universe are We In?’ and she features in the Emmy-nominated episode ‘Is there an Edge to the Universe?’ from Morgan Freeman’s ‘Through the Wormhole’ series. Mersini-Houghton's ideas ground-breaking have also been heard in radio interviews around the world and read in magazines and journals from Scientific American to New Scientist, the Wall Street Journal to the Sunday Times.

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