There's a drug we use to celebrate, commiserate, use to flirt with new friends and reconnect with old ones.  It's central to our culture and our way of life.  And it's called alcohol.  But the line between enjoyment and dependence is slim.  During lockdown, alcohol-related deaths have been at their highest rate since records began. Globally more people died from alcohol last year than from Covid-19.  And it's the leading cause of death in men up to the age of 60. 

Do we do not act to contain this killer because of its centrality to our culture and the vested interests involved?  Or is it simply that we enjoy it and turn a blind eye to its consequences?  Prohibition was a failure, but could we explore alternatives, and normalise safer social drugs such as psychedelics?  Or should we break down the social taboos and anxieties that lead people to intoxicants in the first place?

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