Student ambassador scheme 

Are you passionate about bringing world-changing ideas to young people, and inspiring the next generation of leading thinkers, artists, scientists and politicians?

Then we need you to represent the world’s largest philosophy and music festival within the student community.

The IAI Student Ambassador programme is your chance to get involved in bringing HowTheLightGetsIn to campus. You’ll play an invaluable role in publicising our world-leading debate programme to your student community, highlighting the festival as an opportunity to garner once-in-a-lifetime insights from globally distinguished academics (a great way to enrich any university degree!). As well as looking great on your CV, there are a number of other perks involved too...

Why should you get involved?

1. SKILLS & EXPERIENCE. You'll get to network with festival organisers and gain an insight into the behind-the-scenes running of a large-scale event, as well as building relationships with your university peers

2. EXPERIENCE. The Ambassador role looks great on your CV and all of our Ambassadors can request a reference at the end of the festival for future employment

2. ACCESS. In return for their valuable work, Ambassadors receive a complimentary festival tickets giving them full access to a whole range of debates, live music, film & comedy over the whole weekend - not to mention generous discounts on the festival eateries and some of the visiting stall holders!

What does being an Ambassador involve?

The ideal Ambassador will be brimming with insight about how to bring the festival to the widest possible audience.

This is your role, and you have the opportunity to shape it in the way you wish - so first and foremost we want to hear your fresh, original, exciting ideas for the ambassadorship.

What our Ambassadors do for the festival:

1. Promote the festival on their social media accounts

2. Tap into their university contacts and spread the word through department newsletters

3. Engage in interested groups such as university societies

4. Recruit other Student Ambassadors for extra help!

How to get involved

If you'd like to join our team of Ambassadors, send your application to explaining what makes you great for the role, and which of the above methods you can use to help spread the word about HowTheLightGetsIn. We can supply you with all of the materials you need, from posters to programmes.