“Intellectuals are not defined according to the jobs they do, but [by] the manner in which they act, the way they see themselves, and the values that they uphold.”

Frank Furedi is a trailblazing sociologist and social commentator. He currently serves as emeritus professor of sociology at the University of Kent, where his work on fear, education, therapy culture and more has made him one of the most widely cited sociologists of the 21st Century. His book Invitation to Terror: expanding the empire of the unknown explores the way in which the threat of terrorism has become amplified through the ascendancy of precautionary thinking.
His upcoming book, explore the origins of the culture wars, and why we desperately need to resolve the tensions which divide our society.

On Therapy Culture ’Professor Furedi has written an important book ... which is essential to the understanding of our times.'- Theodore Dalrymple, Sunday Telegraph

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