'I’m a messy artist; coming to terms with that was important. I think your obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself, if you can do that you can’t fail.'

Ed Fornieles is one of the leading figures in “post-internet” art. His work is  inspired by 21st century culture, from popular movies and television characters to social media platforms. Using various reoccurring digital archetypes, Ed takes a fresh look at the concepts of family, friendship, relationship, physical interaction and language. Some of Fornieles’ notable works include Dorm Daze (2011), “Facebook sitcom” for which the artist appropriated real profiles of American college students and created new characters for them. These profiles were then “performed” online by actors over the course of three months. His work has been exhibited across the world, including London, New York, Stockholm and Hamburg

'Fornieles’ work is warped, perplexing and totally genius'- Dazed

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