From the birth of reason to Descartes' "I think, therefore I am"; Western culture has placed thought at the centre of what it is to be human.  In our everyday lives, education is almost exclusively about thought and we spend most of our time planning the future, reflecting on the past, puzzling about what to do, and talking about it with others.  But might this be a mistake? "To think too much is a disease" argued Dostoyevsky.  While Heidegger and the existentialists claimed thought obscures Being.

Should culture, as Nietzsche proposes, 'free itself from the seduction of words and thought'. Should we focus on experience and being, turn off our screens, explore the world and live a bit more?  Or is this romantic nonsense, and thought not only makes us unique but is essential to our being able to make sense of the world and the means to overcome the profound challenges that we face?

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