Virtual Festival Site

If you can't make it to the HowTheLightGetsIn London 2021 festival in person all is not lost!  You can LIVE STREAM the debates and talks taking place on September 18-19th.  

With over 70 events across 8 stages, live coverage of the festival includes all the live debates, talks, and hat sessions. Using our unique virtual reality platform, drop into any venue in real time and follow the live action. It'll be almost as good as being there!

Live stream tickets are now available - Click here to book.

- Enter the Festival Site -

Click the map below to enter our virtual reality festival. You'll start in the box office, with events taking place in the Arena, International, Dokbox Cinema, The Hat and The Ring.

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Tech Help


If you have normal settings enabled in your browser, you will be able to access our live events whether you are using Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any other browser. However, in case you have settings on that you do not know about, we recommend that you download a backup browser for use in the event of any problem. For instance, if you have Internet Explorer, download Chrome or Firefox for the duration of the festival.


For a proper festival experience, please enjoy the festival on browser instead of mobile - the festival site is too spectacular to fit on a smartphone screen.

Vimeo tips

Our events are livestreamed using Vimeo. When you're watching an event, note that you can:

- make an event full screen by clicking the Vimeo icon

- change the video quality by clicking the cog icon