'It does an appallingly bad job and actually does a worse job than it should do.' - on neoclassical economics and climate

Steve Keen is an Associate Professor of Economics & Finance at the University of Western Sydney, who gained recognition for his pioneering work on modeling debt-deflation and his early warnings of an impending economic crisis, dating as far back as December 2005. He is the winner of the Revere Award from the Real World Economics Review, an award given to the economist whose work is most likely to prevent future financial crises.

Steve is the author of the influential book, Debunking Economics, which is a classic exposition of why Neoclassical economic theory is wrong and a potential threat to the survival of capitalism. With over 70 academic publications, his work has covered diverse topics such as financial instability, money creation, mathematical flaws in the conventional model of supply and demand, flaws in Marxian economics, the application of physics to economics, Islamic finance, and the role of chaos and complexity theory in economics. He is also the author of a highly influential economics blog.

"I have never read anything quite so convincing on the absurdity that characterize the whole of “neoclassical” self-proclaimed mainstream economics" Monthly Review

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