"There’s no avoiding the facts: austerity has been gendered"

Maya Oppenheim serves as The Independent's Women's Correspondent, bringing her expertise in women's issues to bear on her coverage of news, social policy, and global events. With a particular focus on topics related to domestic violence, sexual assault, gender-based violence, abortion, and period poverty, Maya offers a unique perspective on the challenges facing women today.

Through her work, Maya has developed a reputation for producing insightful and impactful journalism, shedding light on critical issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Her coverage of these sensitive and complex topics has been widely recognized for its quality and depth, cementing her position as a leading voice in the field of women's journalism.

"Maya Oppenheim supplies you with the unforgettable statistics, real-world anecdotes and tales of resistance to help you combat denial and continued injustice" - Hachette

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