Appearing in: Ancient Traits in a Modern World, Capitalism and the Climate

“A true scientist is bored by knowledge; it is the assault on ignorance that motivates him"

Matt Ridley is an award-winning  British journalist, science writer and author. His innovative work is focused on the origins of virtue, nature vs nurture, the evolution of sex and more. Ridley's widely translated books, including his latest "How Innovation Works" have sold over a million copies worldwide. In 2013, he was elected to the House of Lords, later serving on the Science and Technology committee until 2017.

After many years at The Economist, Ridley is now a columnist at The Times, writing on science at large, the environment and economics. A trusted voice, he regularly contributes to publications like The Wall Street Journal, where he founded the Mind and Matter column in 2010.  His TED Talk "When Ideas Have Sex" was a hit, with more than two million views online.

"Ridley is a raconteur, skilled at telling vivid stories of discoveries and amassing facts" - New Scientist

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