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The IAI School is aimed at pre-university students who have an interest in critical thinking and want to broaden their understanding of what higher education offers beyond the national curriculum.

Following its continuing successes both online and at our physical festivals, the IAI School returns to HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2022 where a host of leading academics will inspire the next generation.

"I'm so impressed by the work of the IAI School. Their programme is precisely the sort of thing I wish I'd done at school. While I missed out, students now are set to be stimulated and inspired" - Bruce Daisley, Vice-President EMEA of Twitter

If you represent a school or institution who would like to make a group booking for the IAI School, or an organization who is interested in funding and supporting the project, please email us at education@artandideas.org for more information.

For a limited time we are offering schools that bring a group to Hay 2022 an institutional subscription to our online library of 1000s of debates, talks and interviews at a 90% discount. 

Hay 2022 School Ticket

The IAI School Ticket provides exclusive access to the IAI School programme, as well as full access to HowTheLightGetsin talks, debates, music and comedy.

With workshops, talks, panels and Q&As across Saturday and Sunday, there is a packed programme of events to expand sixth formers minds, and take their learning to the next level.


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