Everyone from Mother Theresa to Einstein have enjoyed the metaphor of life as a game. But until recent years, that was all it was - a metaphor. Now, our workplaces, dating lives, education and even friendships are being turned into games. Tinder makes love a swiping game of snap, Duolingo turns budding linguists into winners and losers and even AI has solved long-standing scientific problems by ‘converting them into games’. But is this a mistake? Some games go too far. The founder of QAnon created it as an 'alternative reality game'.

Should we oppose the gamification of life? Should we recognise life has no clear goal, no way to win, no level-ups, no measures of success, no extra lives, respawns, or second chances? Should we be concerned that if life becomes a game it will further inequality - creating defined winners and losers like the TV show Squid Game come to life? Or, from the blue vs red of elections to the hierachies of the education system, has gamification always been with us, and is harnassing its power a step forward, not a step back?

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