Based in Lyon with roots in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Armenia, the four-piece, self proclaimed ‘Creole Afro-Futurists’ Dowdelin spread the love with their addictive new foot shuffler Simé Love

Formed in Lyon, France by producer David Kiledjian and singer, Olivya, Dowdelin (a play on a Creole word meaning slow and idle) quickly hit their stride mixing Afro-Caribbean stylings, Creole-language vocals and more European sounding electronics. For Olivya, who is from La Martinique but grew up in France, the unifying of these styles immediately felt natural.

Immediately infectious and with “boundary breaking beats” (UK Vibe), the group are now back with a fresh batch of songs and a new member, Dowdelin are set to take their Creole Afro-Futurism to the world once more.

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