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The Philosophy and Feminism of Simone de Beauvoir

Sat 21 September
Venue: Academy
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IAI Academy

The Philosophy and Feminism of Simone de Beauvoir

Kate Kirkpatrick.

Simone de Beauvoir is widely celebrated for writing 'the feminist Bible', The Second Sex, but less attention has been given to the philosophy that let her to write it. KCL philosopher and author of Becoming Beauvoir Kate Kirkpatrick draws on unpublished writings to interrogate Beauvoir's philosophy and groundbreaking feminist thought.

Part 1: Beauvoir's Philosophy

Beauvoir famously said that one must 'become' a woman, but how does anyone 'become' themselves? Kirkpatrick delves into Beauvoir's existentialist philosophy.

Part 2: Beauvoir's Feminism

Beauvoir is widely regarded as initiating second-wave feminism, but what exactly did she say about women and the societal institutions that oppress them?

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