HowTheLightGetsIn 2019

The Case for Transhumanism

Sat 21 September
Venue: Academy
Event [24]

IAI Academy

The Case for Transhumanism

Steve Fuller.

Transhumanism is the radical idea that our species can transform and enhance itself using technology - from living forever to uploading our minds into machines. Is this humanity's next step? Warwick sociologist and author of Humanity 2.0 Steve Fuller, a leading proponent of transhumanism, lays out his vision for the future.


Part 1: Being Human


How did we become human in the first place? Fuller shows that the answer is more complex than it may seem, encompassing not just biology, but also the evolution of culture, theology, philosophy, politics and more.


Part 2: Beyond Being Human


How will society need to be transformed if we are on the verge of a world where we might live forever, upload our minds, or become cyborgs? What should we be doing now to prepare?

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